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  • Performing at a dance competition, Sara Mattingly, junior, smiles at the crowd Dec. 1.

  • Performing for the halftime show, Nicole Mayer, sophomore, stands in her formation Sept. 28

  • Dancing for the crowd, Lily Verill, sophomore, keeps the energy up Sept. 28.

  • Forming into the kickline, Bridget Killian, senior, performs with the varsity pommies Aug. 31.

  • Holding her final pose, Charlotte Heinrich, junior, smiles while the crowd of students applaud Aug. 31.

  • Almost finished dancing, Olivia Knopfel, Charlotte Heinrich and Katherine Bert, juniors, get ready for the final pose of the halftime show Oct. 26.

  • Giving a pep talk to her team, Maria Ginocchio, senior, cries before her final home football game dancing as a KHS pommie Oct. 26

  • Getting ready for kicks, Olivia Wilton, sophomore, dances during the halftime show at a home football game Oct. 26

  • Performing to the fight song “Varsity Valor,” Olivia Wilton, sophomore, kicks during the turkey day pep rally Nov. 21.

  • As her hands are in cheerio, Abbey Siegel, junior, performs a sideline at the Chili Bowl Nov. 21.

  • About to start dancing, Malayna Vines, senior, and Lindsay Kocher, junior, hug before Malayna’s last pep rally Nov. 21.

  • Performing on senior night, Grace Hartmann, senior, extends her leg Feb. 8.

  • Performing on senior night, Malayna Vines, senior, waves to the crowd as she is introduced, Feb 8.

  • On senior night, Maria Ginochio, senior, waves to the crowd as she is introduced Feb. 8.

  • During the pommies halftime show at the girls JV basketball game Maddie Schmidt, freshman, strikes a pose Jan. 3.

  • While the pommies performed their halftime show at the boys varsity football game, junior, Sara Mattingly strikes a pose Oct 26.

  • During the pommie’s halftime show, they brought out members of their kiddie camp to dance during the boys varsity basketball game Feb. 1.

  • During the pommies halftime show, members of the dance kiddie camp perform a routine Feb. 1.

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