Concert Band

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  • Conducting the Concert Band, Dr. Bartz, conductor, stands on the podium Feb. 19.

  • Playing the bassoon, Helena Verbrugge, freshman, practices during class Feb. 19.

  • Practicing for his upcoming concert,Brandon Vonn, freshman, plays the song “To Create a Voice” Feb. 25.

  • Waiting to start playing, Miles Opper, freshman, watches the band perform Feb. 25.

  • Playing the trumpets, Clark Woodruff and Grace Mennerick, juniors, perform at the band concert Feb. 28.

  • Performing at the band concert, Olivia Melsha, senior, and Phebe Hammond, sophomore, play the clarinets.

  • Standing in the wings,Noah Wolfe, junior, watches his bandmates perform a piece at the winter band concert Feb. 28.

  • Paying attention to his conductor, Ryan Clutes, freshman, plays his saxophone during the final song at the winter band concert Feb. 28

  • Standing up after his performance, Leo Bartin, sophomore, is applauded by the audience at the band concert Feb. 28

  • While sitting first chair, Clark Woodruff, junior, plays the trumpet at the winter band concert Feb. 28.

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