Pioneer Yearbook

In honor of the begging of the new decade, here is a look back of our yearbooks from 2010-2019

A Decade of Pioneer

Anaka Bretzke, Business Editor
January 7, 2020

Ally Gooden

September 5, 2019
In perfect sync, Jonathan Munroe and Kate Reynolds, juniors, perform alongside the 442s strings band at the 442s concert Oct. 22.


Ally Gooden and Maria Paul
February 27, 2019
During bowling practice, Jason Hoffarth, junior, stares his ball down as he bowls a spare Feb. 19.


Paul Goessling, Photographer
February 27, 2019
 Holding her final pose, Charlotte Heinrich, junior, smiles while the crowd of students applaud Aug. 31.


Maria Paul, Riley Hogan, and Paul Goessling
February 19, 2019
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