Pioneer Yearbook

Pioneer Angel Program

The Pioneer Angel Program is the way that we provide a set of deserving seniors with a free Yearbook, so that everyone can graduate with a yearbook, to cherish the memories of their time at KHS. These students are identified by Mike Wade, senior principal, to guarantee that the students receiving a free book are deserving of such. This program relies on the generosity and kindness of parents and businesses in Kirkwood, and we can use your help! It’s actually super easy! Here’s how it works:


Start by clicking on “Buy your Book” on the menu above.

This will take you to, where you can find the options for purchases.

To donate a book start by clicking the 85$ yearbook option.

Next, go through the purchasing pages and when you get to the information page, enter “Donate Book” in the name slot, so the screen looks like the one below.


At this point, you can enter in your personal payment information and complete the transaction! Thank you for your support, it helps more seniors receive yearbooks than ever before!

Pioneer Angel Program